Sex trafficking.

I think we know each other well enough that it’s the right time to talk about sex trafficking. If you don’t know it yet, it happens everywhere, in so called third world countries, as well as in the western world. Both, Europe and USA struggle with domestic and international sex trafficking.

Not even a day passes without “news” coming from across the pond informing the general public about new development regarding the sex trafficking. For some reason here, in Europe, we don’t officially talk about trafficking too much. As if it was one of those shameful subjects Europe should not get involved in.

But let’s say it out loud children as young as four years old are used for sex and forced into prostitution. Children (the majority is still girls but boys are also used and abused) are smuggled and sold across the continents. Those children are either kidnapped, taken under false pretexts, such as fantastic job opportunities or simply and easily bought from their parents or relatives for as little as $50 (yes, this is how much a little girl costs in India!!!). Those kids are kept against their will, forced into sexual abuse, physically abused and killed at the end, if they are no longer of any use.

And the world is standing and watching and waiting. Hoping that the problem will go away or hoping that this doesn’t happen around us or in our neighborhood.

If the problem happens somewhere else, we don’t have to deal with it, right? Just few weeks ago media reported that several young girls were forced into prostitution in Oxford so let’s not pretend it doesn’t happen in UK.

What I’m trying to do here is to start a conversation, not only by making people aware of sex trafficking but also by looking for the right universal solution ‘cos so far the human trafficking business (yes it is a huge business for many people out there) has been growing and has become extremely profitable.

How do we, as the society, stand up to traffickers? How do we, as the society, stop slavery, trafficking and abuse and exploitation of other people?

All suggestions are welcome.


Working when the inspiration comes.

I used to write any time I had a free minute to sit down to think and write. That required a lot of self-discipline and persistence to keep writing and re-writing.

Of course I did enjoy that process but it was until I discovered the pleasure of writing only when the inspiration comes. At that time I re-discovered a real satisfaction connected to being an author.

I love these moments when the inspiration comes and the only thing I can do & think of then is to sit down either in front of my computer screen or with a pen and paper in my hand, immersed in creating new stories, characters, plots and intrigues.

I have also discovered that my writing is so much better when I write only when I have the need to do it, not when I force myself to write. The real creativity comes when we are connected with the creative source inside us. It’s called differently by various cultures. Some people call it energy, some call it God, some other names.

Whatever the source is, it helps to express what lives inside of us and needs to get out.

Happy creating and many joyful returns to the creative source.

“Soul Destruction” by Ruth Jacobs

Enter the bleak existence of a call girl haunted by the atrocities of her childhood. In the spring of 1997, Shelley Hansard is a drug addict with a heroin habit and crack psychosis. Her desirability as a top London call girl is waning.


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When her client dies in a suite at The Lanesborough Hotel, Shelley’s complex double-life is blasted deeper into chaos. In her psychotic state, the skills required to keep up her multiple personas are weakening. Amidst her few friends, and what remains of her broken family, she struggles to maintain her wall of lies.

During this tumultuous time, she is presented with an opportunity to take revenge on a client who raped her and her friends. But in her unbalanced state of mind, can she stop a serial rapist?

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Looking Young Forever: A Hard Look at Our Future in Sci-Fi serial novel 2213:Forever Young – Double Promo


2213: FOREVER YOUNG is set in a future where the problem of aging has been solved by medical science. The catch: only the ultra rich, the One Percent can afford the extremely expensive Age Prevention Program, a.k.a. APP…

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Part One, I WILL NOT LEAVE YOU BEHIND follows Emma, a beautiful woman who’s 122 years old and learns her time is up. She’s going to die within the next 12 hours but she’s in love with a handsome 99Percenter, a dashing Swiss ski instructor who doesn’t know how old she is. They are madly in love but she never told him how old she was. He always thought they’d age happily together…

Part Two, YOU WILL NOT TAKE MY PLACE, is about Jamie, Emma’s sole surviving relative and Jonathan, an American colleague of Emma’s at the luxury clinic. Jamie, age 30, is a 99 Percenter journalist who lives in Pasadena, California. He stands to inherit Emma’s place in the APP. Jonathan is 130 years old and his time is up. He must return to the APP Station in his hometown, in Pasadena, California, where he will benefit from an assisted painless death.  Jonathan would like to pass on his place in the APP to his lover, Alice, a young and beautiful Swiss woman and a 99 Percenter. But will his daughter Jeanie, who stands in line to inherit, allow it?

This is a serial novel with episodes exploring different facets of our future. It is done in the vein of 1984, Clockwork Orange or WOOL, that examine through plots full of suspense and adventure and enticing characters the issues that we are facing today. In the case of 2213:FOREVER YOUNG, it is the great divide that is polarizing our society, with the One Percent increasingly reaping the benefits of technological advances at the expense of the 99percent.

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Since it is a serial novel, each part may be read independently although it is preferable to read them in sequence. Each episode explores different facets of our future, in the vein of 1984, Clockwork Orange or WOOL, as a way to examine the issues we are facing today. In the case of 2213:Forever Young, it is the great divide that is polarizing our society, with the One Percent increasingly reaping the benefits of technological advances at the expense of the rest of us.

The Family.

While sitting in the coffee shop enjoying my morning cup of tea and a toast I watched the world going by. Since it was pretty early hour, the world outside my coffee shop window was filled with parents doing the school runs. The majority of them were moms.

Most of the kids were not very much interested in walking fast and hurrying up. The parents however, who understood the concept of passing time, knew that they were either already late or just about to be.

Kids are never in a hurry. Why would they be anyway? They have all the time in the world. It’s their privilege.

Observing the little ones with their parents got me thinking how important the family ties are and how important the family is.

The importance of family in human life is something very few of us realize nowadays until later stages in life. Especially how important the family is in a child’s life and how much influence the family structure has on one’s choices in life.

The family is your backbone. The family shapes you and your life. The family is going to give you the support you need when you need it the most.

However, having a good family and tight family connections requires investment of time. By that I mean spending quality time together, as a family. Not just sitting together & staring at the TV screen or, even more frequently these days, at our own individual smartphones. Being together on the spiritual level, not only physically, being present in each other’s lives and supporting each other’s live choices and decisions.

Of course, I do realize that at times it’s difficult. Quite often we are tired, we are worried or annoyed. But trying to be the best at the given time is the least, and also the most we can do.

As we all know life throws strange situations at us and as parents we should not only protect our children but also teach them how to be strong and how to get ready for fulfilled and beautiful life.

Life is wonderful.

No matter what you are going through, Life is wonderful. It’s a gift from God, enjoy it, embrace it and truly live it each day.

I try to enjoy every minute and every second of my life that I have been given. I feel very lucky ‘cos I have a fantastic job. I can write and make a difference in other people’s lives as an inspirational mentor. I believe that human life should be inspiration for others.

You can inspire people by doing anything. It doesn’t mean you need to be a writer or an artist to inspire people.

You can be a busy driver and say “Good Morning” to all of your passengers putting smiles on their faces, or at least improving their moods that little bit.

Inspiration doesn’t really need to cost anything and it can change someone’s life for better. I think a lot of how young people are searching for inspiration, looking up to their idols and trying to find the answer to a happier life.

However, often the idols are not as inspirational as parents would like them to be. Besides, some figures in our pop culture should not been an inspiration to anyone, least to young people who are so easily influenced.

So if you are a young person, a parent or just someone looking for inspiration, look around yourself, around your surrounding. What do you see? Or more importantly who do you see?

Life is full of inspiration and real people are the real heroes.

Stay inspired.