Life is wonderful.

No matter what you are going through, Life is wonderful. It’s a gift from God, enjoy it, embrace it and truly live it each day.

I try to enjoy every minute and every second of my life that I have been given. I feel very lucky ‘cos I have a fantastic job. I can write and make a difference in other people’s lives as an inspirational mentor. I believe that human life should be inspiration for others.

You can inspire people by doing anything. It doesn’t mean you need to be a writer or an artist to inspire people.

You can be a busy driver and say “Good Morning” to all of your passengers putting smiles on their faces, or at least improving their moods that little bit.

Inspiration doesn’t really need to cost anything and it can change someone’s life for better. I think a lot of how young people are searching for inspiration, looking up to their idols and trying to find the answer to a happier life.

However, often the idols are not as inspirational as parents would like them to be. Besides, some figures in our pop culture should not been an inspiration to anyone, least to young people who are so easily influenced.

So if you are a young person, a parent or just someone looking for inspiration, look around yourself, around your surrounding. What do you see? Or more importantly who do you see?

Life is full of inspiration and real people are the real heroes.

Stay inspired.


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