The Family.

While sitting in the coffee shop enjoying my morning cup of tea and a toast I watched the world going by. Since it was pretty early hour, the world outside my coffee shop window was filled with parents doing the school runs. The majority of them were moms.

Most of the kids were not very much interested in walking fast and hurrying up. The parents however, who understood the concept of passing time, knew that they were either already late or just about to be.

Kids are never in a hurry. Why would they be anyway? They have all the time in the world. It’s their privilege.

Observing the little ones with their parents got me thinking how important the family ties are and how important the family is.

The importance of family in human life is something very few of us realize nowadays until later stages in life. Especially how important the family is in a child’s life and how much influence the family structure has on one’s choices in life.

The family is your backbone. The family shapes you and your life. The family is going to give you the support you need when you need it the most.

However, having a good family and tight family connections requires investment of time. By that I mean spending quality time together, as a family. Not just sitting together & staring at the TV screen or, even more frequently these days, at our own individual smartphones. Being together on the spiritual level, not only physically, being present in each other’s lives and supporting each other’s live choices and decisions.

Of course, I do realize that at times it’s difficult. Quite often we are tired, we are worried or annoyed. But trying to be the best at the given time is the least, and also the most we can do.

As we all know life throws strange situations at us and as parents we should not only protect our children but also teach them how to be strong and how to get ready for fulfilled and beautiful life.


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