Working when the inspiration comes.

I used to write any time I had a free minute to sit down to think and write. That required a lot of self-discipline and persistence to keep writing and re-writing.

Of course I did enjoy that process but it was until I discovered the pleasure of writing only when the inspiration comes. At that time I re-discovered a real satisfaction connected to being an author.

I love these moments when the inspiration comes and the only thing I can do & think of then is to sit down either in front of my computer screen or with a pen and paper in my hand, immersed in creating new stories, characters, plots and intrigues.

I have also discovered that my writing is so much better when I write only when I have the need to do it, not when I force myself to write. The real creativity comes when we are connected with the creative source inside us. It’s called differently by various cultures. Some people call it energy, some call it God, some other names.

Whatever the source is, it helps to express what lives inside of us and needs to get out.

Happy creating and many joyful returns to the creative source.


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