Sex trafficking.

I think we know each other well enough that it’s the right time to talk about sex trafficking. If you don’t know it yet, it happens everywhere, in so called third world countries, as well as in the western world. Both, Europe and USA struggle with domestic and international sex trafficking.

Not even a day passes without “news” coming from across the pond informing the general public about new development regarding the sex trafficking. For some reason here, in Europe, we don’t officially talk about trafficking too much. As if it was one of those shameful subjects Europe should not get involved in.

But let’s say it out loud children as young as four years old are used for sex and forced into prostitution. Children (the majority is still girls but boys are also used and abused) are smuggled and sold across the continents. Those children are either kidnapped, taken under false pretexts, such as fantastic job opportunities or simply and easily bought from their parents or relatives for as little as $50 (yes, this is how much a little girl costs in India!!!). Those kids are kept against their will, forced into sexual abuse, physically abused and killed at the end, if they are no longer of any use.

And the world is standing and watching and waiting. Hoping that the problem will go away or hoping that this doesn’t happen around us or in our neighborhood.

If the problem happens somewhere else, we don’t have to deal with it, right? Just few weeks ago media reported that several young girls were forced into prostitution in Oxford so let’s not pretend it doesn’t happen in UK.

What I’m trying to do here is to start a conversation, not only by making people aware of sex trafficking but also by looking for the right universal solution ‘cos so far the human trafficking business (yes it is a huge business for many people out there) has been growing and has become extremely profitable.

How do we, as the society, stand up to traffickers? How do we, as the society, stop slavery, trafficking and abuse and exploitation of other people?

All suggestions are welcome.


2 thoughts on “Sex trafficking.

  1. Reblogged this on Francis James Franklin (Alina Meridon) and commented:
    I feel the need to share – in this case, to reblog. I’ve touched upon human trafficking in some of my posts. Sex trafficking is a theme in my book, Suzie and the Monsters. In it, Alia says:

    This isn’t prostitution, it’s abduction and systematic dehumanisation. It’s a violation of the human spirit. And yet people still think of these girls as prostitutes. The government, for all its fine words and intentions, has reduced funding for the charities that aid and shelter escapees. The police don’t have the support they need to deal with it.

  2. Sadly, it will take a lot to stop human sex trafficking. You’d have to convince the traffickers and the johns who abuse the children that those children are real people with real human rights. You’d have to wipe out the notion that sex can be bought. You’d have to take away aspects of various cultures that allow people to think it is OK to abuse and dehumanize others. Slavery has been around for centuries, and there’s something about the human mind that allows it to continue. If big time miracles could happen, I’d love to see sex trafficking end tomorrow and never thought of again. But it won’t and it will take decades of aggressive steps to end this heinousness.

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