Role models.

Having my afternoon coffee in my local coffee shop I read somewhere online that a female journalist decided to criticize Rihanna for her vulgar behavior, drinking and smoking pot in public as well as her addictive relationship to her current/ex-boyfriend who is also a singer and has been extremely violent against her in the past.

I don’t know much about the modern music and what the younger generation likes to listen to. But what I know is that a lot of girls and boys want to follow in the footsteps of their heroes, or rather their role models, which nowadays are singers, actors, reality stars, etc. The youngsters simply want to have what the celebrities have, clothes, cars, accessories, money. That is why so many of them become brands, giving their names to clothing companies, food companies and anyone else who is willing to pay.

Young people have always looked up to the older generations and people with more experience to show them the right way. But what if the so-called role models get lost in their ways? What if they are way too young to be a role model themselves? Shouldn’t media, music studios or film production companies take responsibility in some way for what they are putting out there as well as for their artists?

Of course, the “irresponsible” behaviour can simply be a part of the marketing and promotion of an artist or a movie, which is as disgusting and distressing as the artist’s behaviour.

A lot of kids get themselves into troubles ‘cos they follow the path of their role models. They start drinking and using drugs at the very young age (not that excessive drinking or drug abuse in the older age is any good for anyone), some turn into porn or prostitution.

I wish the role models could be responsible and respectable people who are aware of what they are doing. The role models shouldn’t be people who are just machines for making money and who, in an instance of any emotional problems, are left alone by those who created them.


Olga Núñez Miret’s new romantic novella “Click Me Happy!” is out.

Do you believe in love at first sight or first click? Do you think your life should be a romantic novel? Would you like to be able to choose the ending? If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions or feel intrigued by them, this novel offers you a unique opportunity. You can choose what kind of ending you want: unhappy, happy or neutral. Lilith, the protagonist, does not believe in all that ‘romantic nonsense’. When her boss and friend, Debbie, asks her to create a digital books section for the library where they both work she triggers a series of events that shake all of Lilith’s strongly held beliefs. Her dislike for social networking is put to the test and despite her love for privacy and technological naïveté she manages to make a number of virtual connections.

Clickmehappy(without logo)The most interesting one, without a question, is Zane, a talented and attractive author and painter. Their friendship quickly develops into something else. But, what exactly? Lilith doesn’t have a clue. A bet with Rowena, her childhood best-friend, offers her an opportunity to test her feelings for Zane and their relationship and a meeting, ‘real’ this time, is organised in the gorgeous setting of Bermuda. At that point, you, the reader, have the choice. Do you want the story to end up happy ever after? Do you think there’s no chance for them? Or maybe you believe that there has to be more to life than romantic stories and a neutral ending or new beginning is more true to life? You can pick and choose your ending, or you can read all of them and choose your favourite, or even create your own and let me know. I’d love to hear from you! (I leave you links to contact me at the end.) Don’t be strangers!

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Modern Day Slavery

Whether we like it or not, the slavery has been part of the human existence since the very beginning the society started shaping up. Since that time, our species has come a long way and a lot has been done to abolish the slavery in the form that we all knew existed for centuries.

However, at this very moment I feel that we are at the crossroads. There are estimated 27 million people kept in slavery as I write these words. And these are merely official statistics. And these are daunting:

– 1,2 million children are trafficked every year

– Human trafficking, that in reality equals slavery, is the 2nd largest source of illegal income worldwide

– 600,000 – 800,000 men, women and children are trafficked across international borders each year. Approximately 80% are female and up to 50% are minors.

There are various kinds of slavery: sex slavery, forced labor, forced marriage, child’s marriage. One thing in common is that the victims are treated as a property. However, human being is not a property and no one has the right to buy or sell one as they please.

As I mentioned above, in recent years, human trafficking has become extremely profitable. This “business” (as some statistics show) brings annually a profit of $32 billion. Some illegal groups even switch their cargo from drugs to human beings. So why would the traffickers like to give up such a big profit? Those people have no remorse, no moral consciousness; they are not in fear of a hell or God.

So, if the traffickers aren’t giving up, actually quite the opposite as they are increasing their operations, we, the society, need to make a stand and say ‘NO, YOU DO NOT HAVE SOCIAL CONSENT TO SELL OTHER PEOPLE AS YOUR OWN PROPERTY.

By standing up to the traffickers we are giving the voice to the voiceless. All people are in one way or another connected to each other (social media are a perfect example of that) and if there are 27 million trafficking victims, don’t be deluded. It does affect YOU more than you can imagine. It’s the right time to STAND UP and SAY ‘NO’.

Below I’m providing a few links to various organizations, to make it easier for you to take the first step.

Please HELP


Considering the recent events in my life I started thinking about the general concept of time. People often say that they are running out of time or have no time for this or that. Other people are just masters at wasting your precious time, just to feed off your positive energy and rely on your goodness. There are some who very seriously believe in time travel and others who strongly believe that they don’t have enough time to care for their loved ones.

Time is a mystery and I’m not trying to solve it here. What I’m trying to do is to understand why human life has become so subjected to passing time. How the time relates to our lives, work and family? Why so many people are disrespectful of others time and just take it for granted? Why don’t young people grasp the concept of passing time and think they have all the time in the world? Why do people waste time on unnecessary arguments, fights, wars, and betrayal?

Well, I haven’t done any insightful research so I don’t know about the other people. But I surely do try to use my time wisely and be respectful of the time I have been given.

As a writer I try to leave something behind for the next generation and capture the time we lived in. As an activist I try to make people aware of certain issues such as human trafficking or sex slavery. As a woman I try to help young women to see how many choices and opportunities they have in life and help them use wisely the time they were given.

Finally, as a mother I try to be the best mother I can.

Sex trafficking novel “Blood Borne Connections” – only $.99 this weekend.

Dear all,

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Blood Borne Connections is a fictional thriller about the mafia, human sex trafficking, and the ability to survive against all odds.

When 15-year-old Tatiana leaves a Czechoslovakian orphanage with four other girls for a new start in America, they are promised a better life. Less than a month later, Tatiana and the others are forced into prostitution by sex traffickers. When a mafia boss discovers some of his men are involved in sex trafficking children, he instigates a mafia war to cleanse his organization and stop the trafficking. In the aftermath, people on both sides of the law are killed.
Blood Borne Connections takes the girls on a ride they never bargained for. Can their road to ruin turn into a journey of hope?


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About Gladys Lawson

Gladys Lawson currently lives in London and works as a microbiologist in pathology management and also volunteers as an inspirational mentor. She says, “I was greatly inspired by the need to tell a story where despite the evil displayed, good wins, good survives and good reaches out and makes a difference. The relationship between my different characters was something that I really enjoyed writing about.” She is currently working on her next book.


The Truth.

What is the truth?

In my opinion the most accurate definition now is: the truth is the concept forgotten by most of our society.

A lot of people lie to make themselves look better, feel more powerful or just simply ‘cos they are wrapped up in lies so much that finding a way out is almost impossible.

The concept of lying is of course not subjected to “ordinary” people only but also to politicians, celebrities, sports figures etc. The list can go on & on.

Also, the lie is an important and integral tool of “recruiting” girls/boys to “professions”, such as prostitution, as well as “kidnapping” girls/boys to sell them as sex slaves afterwards. The young girls and boys want to believe in the fantastic dream the traffickers offer them. The traffickers know how to attract young people and make them believe in the lie they are selling.

What is the truth then?

The truth is that human trafficking is on the rise.

The truth is that that human trafficking is a fantastically well-paid illegal business that is growing faster than illegal gun selling or even drugs selling.

The truth is that more young people across the world need to be aware of the traffickers’ ways and lies.

The truth is that as long as there are pedophiles and other people willing to pay for sex with kids, the sex trafficking is going to keep on growing.

The truth is that as long as this “business” brings profit, people will keep buying little girls in India for $50.

The truth is that we need stricter law imposed on traffickers and the people who use trafficked victims.

The truth is that we cannot blame & punish the victims, we need to help them.

The truth is that as long as the world is divided into the wealthy countries and the 3rd world countries, the human trafficking will exist and thrive.

The truth is that we need to stop and think what kind of example we want to give to our kids by ignoring the human trafficking problem and its victims.

The truth is that I want to leave our planet a better place for my children and my grandchildren.

The truth is that we all need to say NO TO HUMAN TRAFFICKING!!!