Considering the recent events in my life I started thinking about the general concept of time. People often say that they are running out of time or have no time for this or that. Other people are just masters at wasting your precious time, just to feed off your positive energy and rely on your goodness. There are some who very seriously believe in time travel and others who strongly believe that they don’t have enough time to care for their loved ones.

Time is a mystery and I’m not trying to solve it here. What I’m trying to do is to understand why human life has become so subjected to passing time. How the time relates to our lives, work and family? Why so many people are disrespectful of others time and just take it for granted? Why don’t young people grasp the concept of passing time and think they have all the time in the world? Why do people waste time on unnecessary arguments, fights, wars, and betrayal?

Well, I haven’t done any insightful research so I don’t know about the other people. But I surely do try to use my time wisely and be respectful of the time I have been given.

As a writer I try to leave something behind for the next generation and capture the time we lived in. As an activist I try to make people aware of certain issues such as human trafficking or sex slavery. As a woman I try to help young women to see how many choices and opportunities they have in life and help them use wisely the time they were given.

Finally, as a mother I try to be the best mother I can.


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