Role models.

Having my afternoon coffee in my local coffee shop I read somewhere online that a female journalist decided to criticize Rihanna for her vulgar behavior, drinking and smoking pot in public as well as her addictive relationship to her current/ex-boyfriend who is also a singer and has been extremely violent against her in the past.

I don’t know much about the modern music and what the younger generation likes to listen to. But what I know is that a lot of girls and boys want to follow in the footsteps of their heroes, or rather their role models, which nowadays are singers, actors, reality stars, etc. The youngsters simply want to have what the celebrities have, clothes, cars, accessories, money. That is why so many of them become brands, giving their names to clothing companies, food companies and anyone else who is willing to pay.

Young people have always looked up to the older generations and people with more experience to show them the right way. But what if the so-called role models get lost in their ways? What if they are way too young to be a role model themselves? Shouldn’t media, music studios or film production companies take responsibility in some way for what they are putting out there as well as for their artists?

Of course, the “irresponsible” behaviour can simply be a part of the marketing and promotion of an artist or a movie, which is as disgusting and distressing as the artist’s behaviour.

A lot of kids get themselves into troubles ‘cos they follow the path of their role models. They start drinking and using drugs at the very young age (not that excessive drinking or drug abuse in the older age is any good for anyone), some turn into porn or prostitution.

I wish the role models could be responsible and respectable people who are aware of what they are doing. The role models shouldn’t be people who are just machines for making money and who, in an instance of any emotional problems, are left alone by those who created them.


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