How to find time in the modern world?

The time, or being precise finding the speeding time has been on my mind for some time now. It is most probably related to a very busy time at home and at work I’m going through. But it can also be related to my social media activities.

Social media is everywhere and you can access your social accounts and/or email accounts from almost any place now.

All the technology at hand should make our life easier, more enjoyable and more accessible.

However, it feels to me that the advanced technology has made the society struggle for time to spend with their families, time to relax or just chill out after a long day at work.

Yet there are so many devices we have to have and so many websites we need to access right away, and so many tweets to send a day. Is there a limit to what we can physically do?

I do understand that both, human body and mind are able to adjust fast but when we do rest, where we can rest? Do we even know how to rest anymore? My mind is constantly at work. Even when I physically don’t do much, on the internal level I’m working 24/7.

Often by the time I’m done with all the social media in the evening, I’m simply too tired to carry on a grown up conversation in the evening or even to concentrate properly on a movie for that matter.

My time is pretty limited so I usually try to do as much as possible when I have spare few minutes.  However, the bottom line is that without finding the right balance between family and work we get burn out way too quick and most of our efforts are in vain.

So, I’m on a quest now to find the right balance. At the end of the day the thing I’m trying to accomplish is rather like running a marathon than a 100m sprint.


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