I have been thinking about self-esteem over the past week or so and how much depends on our self-esteem during our lifetime.

A lot of us spend years trying to build & re-build them very shaky selves, all because of the past experiences and ups and downs cumulating to the very low self-esteem. The ones of you that have done that know how difficult it is to become a whole again.

So just imagine how difficult it is for the victims of human trafficking. Some of you already know that I have written a book about sex trafficking. In order to be able to write that book I had done a lot of research about the trafficking and its victims.

In the very first stage of this horrible ordeal the victims are repeatedly raped and humiliated several times a day by countless people. By the end of the first week most of the victims have no self-esteem left in them. That is one of the reasons why the victims often don’t run away, even if they can walk free. Their non-existing self-esteem won’t allow them to do so. The same low self-esteem holds them back from contacting their families or friends to seek help. A lot of outreach groups spend months and years talking to the victims trying to convince them to walk away.

Just think for a moment about how much help you need to rebuild your self-confidence after some distressing events that happen in your life. And now try to imagine how much help sex-trafficking victims need, how much support and understanding they need from the society.

In more develop countries we only just started talking abut the problem and what needs to be done to protect and help the victims to become part of the society again.

In the less developed countries trafficking is treated more like a business than a crime. Virtually no one cares for the victims who are often blamed for their misfortune.


Yes, some people can be a bit naive. Yes, some parents sell their small children to the traffickers. But never any of the victims choose to be trafficked.

In my opinion, alongside much stricter punishment against traffickers, also victims inclusion programs should be created, as well as social awareness campaign introduced.

Without this awareness the society won’t be able to understand that trafficking is not a choice. It is an outrageous and disgusting crime against humanity and the victims of trafficking are not outcasts and need to be included in the society again.


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