First interview from one of the main characters in Blood Borne Connections.

Dear Readers, this is the beginning of a series of interviews from some of the main characters in Blood Borne Connections.
Today I have the pleasure of speaking to Tereza. She is the 8 year sister of Tatiana and lives in Czechoslovakia. Tereza says that she has been learning to speak English so that when she goes to visit Tatiana in America she will be able to speak English to Americans.
Interviewer: Hello Tereza, I am so happy that you are able to talk to me today.
Tereza: Hello, how are you?
Interviewer: I am very well thank you Tereza, how are you?
Tereza: I am very well, I hope you are well as well?
Interviewer: Yes, I am very well thank you.
Tereza: Heeheehee, I played this game with Tatiana one night and we went on and on and on asking each other how we was. Is it ‘how we was?’ or ‘how we are?’
Interviewer: I think its ummm . . . why don’t we start with what you like best about the orphanage you live in?
Tereza: I like the other children except Alica, she is mean and she said bad things about Tatiana and the other girls who went to America. I think she is just jealous.
Interviewer: What did she say?
Tereza: She said that Tatiana and Hanna and the others acted proud when they were selected and ‘pride comes before you fall’. I was angry because she said that they would fall in America.
Interviewer: Do you miss Tatiana?
Tereza: I miss her every day and every night. She is my Matka.
Interviewer: Your mother!
Tereza: Yes, Tatiana is my mother. I don’t remember my parents. Tatiana used to show me pictures and tell me about my parents but I don’t remember them. I miss Tatiana and I didn’t want her to go and leave me . . . some nights I get scared and I can’t sleep. I cry because I miss her and Leona says I must be strong and pray that Tatiana will come back soon.
Interviewer: What are your happy memories of Tatiana?
Tereza’s face lights up and she sits on the edge of the chair and leans forward: I love Tatiana, she would play with me, make me laugh, tickle me until I cried with laughter, she would plait my hair and she would eat my carrots for me because I don’t like carrots so much. Sometimes she would make me eat some so that I can see like a rabbit. She would let me have some of her cake when I ate my own before my dinner. She would tell me to eat my dinner first and I would eat my cake first and my dinner second and she would let me have some of her cake. She made sure that I was, ummm . . . happy, she took care of me and would do anything to keep me safe, I love Tatiana.
Interviewer: What would you say to her if she were here now?
Tereza: I love you Matka Tata, I love you.

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