It’s not personal, it’s just business!

Hi Readers, today I want to talk to someone who plays a major part in the book ‘Blood Borne Connections’. She is referred to as the lady with blonde hair and a big hat. She is beautiful to look at and when she first turned up at the orphanage in Czechoslovakia some of the children thought that she was a model from an American magazine.

Interviewer: Hello, I know you want to keep your identity a secret so how would you like me to address you?

Blonde Lady: Hi there, you can call me Blondie if you like. 

Interviewer: Blondie huh, . . . okay Blondie it is. So Blondie, you’re American, why did you decide to travel to Czechoslovakia?

Blonde Lady smiles coldly: I heard that Eastern Europe is not as enlightened as the West and a lot of people were trying to get out of countries like Czechoslovakia.

Interviewer: So Czechoslovakia was just a pin in a map to you?

Blonde Lady:  A what?

Interviewer: You could have gone to any country in Europe.

Blonde Lady: Oh . . . yeah, I guess so, if you put it like that.

Interviewer: Let’s talk about what you do.

Blonde Lady: Okay, let’s talk about what you think you know I do.

Interviewer: I think you take innocent girls from orphanages in Europe to America and you trick them with false promises-

Blonde Lady: Whoa, wait a minute, I don’t promise anyone anything. I tell them that they might get a job, or they can get a job.

Interviewer: No, you promise them jobs-

Blonde Lady: I’m not psychic, I don’t promise them anything, I don’t know what will or will not happen.

Interviewer: You know damn well what’s in store for those girls, you take them from orphanages in Europe to America and they end up in brothels.

Blonde Lady: What can I say, I have customers who require a service-

Interviewer: Customers! How dare you sit there and nonchalantly justify what you do! How dare you!

Blonde Lady: Hey, you contacted me for this interview okay! I am here to put my side across-

Interviewer: Are you serious? You don’t have a side-

Blonde Lady: Yes I do have a side okay! I do what I do because there are men out there who require a service. If they didn’t require the service I wouldn’t be in business, it’s simple Economics, they demand and I supply!

Interviewer: You have got to be kidding me right now!

Blonde Lady: Don’t you get it? This isn’t personal – this is just business okay!

Unfortunately the Interviewer was too distraught (ANGRY) to continue and had to end the session.


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