Dorothy – My husband and Tatiana

Dorothy – I stood looking down at my sleeping husband with a knife in my hand ready to plunge it into his chest and kill him!

I have been asked to talk about my relationship with Tatiana, a fifteen year old girl who was taken from an orphanage in Czechoslovakia to America. She and the four other girls ended up in a brothel in Los Angeles where they were raped, abused and forced to take drugs. To talk about Tatiana would be to tell you how I came to know her and that would mean to tell you the truth about my husband Nigel and how he paid money to the men holding Tatiana and the other girls so that he could sleep with them in the dirty, smelly back toilets of seedy ‘Singles’ bars – blood money I call it.

I married Nigel when I was still a naive young girl full of thoughts of romance that I had gleaned from romantic novels, movies and the lives of other people. You have to understand, I grew up in an orphanage in Arizona with no family to my name that I knew of. I so desperately wanted love, affection and a family that I could call my own and in my ‘quick fix’ I ended up with Nigel. He told me he was a medical student and he was always short of money because of his many college expenses. I worked as a waitress while I studied to become a nurse so I would help him here and there. A fifty dollar loan soon turned into three hundred dollars and that into a thousand dollars and more. He would be as sweet as pie when he asked to borrow money and I felt . . .  needed. It’s funny how I was looking to be loved but ended up settling for being needed.

Note to everyone reading this: Never settle for anything – If you’re looking to be loved then continue on your journey until you find ‘real’ love!

Within the first few weeks of my marriage I found out that Nigel wasn’t in medical school, had never been thrown out of medical school, had never been to medical school and had no intention of going to medical school. He had lied, and he continued to lie throughout our marriage. I ended up paying for everything (I should have guessed how things would be when I ended up paying for my engagement ring and our wedding rings –  after the first month of our marriage he never wore his wedding ring).

In darkness the smallest light can always be seen –  The phone call which changed my life came on a day that was just like any other day  in my lonely, painful, miserable life that had not been kind to me as Nigel’s wife. In fact if I’m honest, in my attempt at rebellion, I wasn’t going to pick up the receiver because I was running late and assumed that the call was for Nigel who had slapped me that morning for making his coffee too hot. But, something made me stop heading for the door, go back and pick it up. The small, strong, scared, foreign sounding childish female voice that said “Hello”, several times, arrested me, I thought that she had the wrong number and was just about to tell her so when she asked if I was Nigel’s wife and told me to listen as the men watching her were waiting outside the office she was in and were only allowing her to use the phone to ask Nigel to bring more money when he came that night. She had one phone call and she called me! She told me things that made me sick, she told me that . . . she told me that Nigel had tried to kill me . . . and she told me how . . . . ummm . . . I . . . ummm . . .




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