Dorothy – 15 year old Tatiana forced to have sex with old, young and married men!

Below are some words from 15 year old Tatiana that I hope will make you as mad as they made me when I heard them!

“Once I scratched an old man wearing a wedding band across his face and punched and kicked him as he undressed. Dazed he stumbled around the room, his fat belly flapping about and his trousers at his knees.  He went crazy, called out for help and the next thing I knew, I was beaten, held down and raped by four men. The old man laughed and goaded the men on as he watched; afterwards he slashed my arm with a knife, called me ‘Tatiana the tiger’ and said now that I had been tamed he would come back for his turn the next day. As he walked towards the door he laughed as one of the men urinated on me and another kicked me several times in my stomach so badly that for days I passed blood in my urine and I thought I was going to die from the pain. After this happened I realized it was easier to just obey the men and do whatever they asked me to do. I would look at some of the older men and think, ‘Don’t you have a sister, a cousin or a daughter? Is this something that you would want her to go through? Is this something that I look like I enjoy doing? Can’t you see that I am a prisoner in this house being forced to have sex with you? How can you not see this? My blood is on your hands! You have left your wives and paid a man who has threatened to kill my sister if I don’t lie on this bed and let you do as you please!’  –  I didn’t voice my thoughts because I knew what would happen if I did. I often wondered what would happen if I had a knife . . . .

One of Tatiana’s customers was my husband Nigel!

Do you know what really makes me mad – If there were no customers like my husband, there wouldn’t be the need for this despicable act!

Blood Borne Connections


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