Hope – A poem selected by Dorothy

The poem below is one I read a while ago and one I have shared with Tatiana, I hope you enjoy it.

Best wishes

Dorothy xxx



My pessimistic friend says that I am a joke

That I am too optimistic because I am called Hope

We were once ‘one’ before but he made a choice one day

To remove me from his life, now he lives in a hope-less way

He blames me for the pain and misery he suffers from all the time

I have tried to tell him to change because his choices are his not mine


You see I am what is considered a good thing

I have lost count of the many joys and anticipated blessings I bring

There are so many people that look forward to a brighter day

So I am constantly called upon to show them the way

I work hand in hand with a wonderful loyal dedicated friend

His name is Faith and he is strong, resilient and does not bend


All good things come in threes so I am told

That probably explains why we have a third partner who is so glorious and bold

He is the greatest of the three of us, full of passion and so strong

There is nothing He cannot do, and when you repent He forgives your every wrong

His name is Love and He is truly the Great of great

Our mission: I, Hope, have Faith and with Love we operate



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