The Two Presidents: Detective Malcolm and Detective Kowalski

Detective Johnson Malcolm and Detective Jefferson Kowalski have been described as two of America’s heroes. In the media they have also been referred to as ‘The Two Presidents’ not just because they’re named after two of America’s former presidents but also because they led where others could only follow. Malcolm and Kowalski fought tirelessly to find the missing girls who had been taken from an orphanage in Czechoslovakia under false pretences and taken to America where they were rapped, beaten and drugged before they were forced into prostitution!

Below is a chapter from Blood Borne Connections which shows how they had to stand against corrupt cops in order to do the right thing:


Chapter 20

Kowalski nearly burst a blood vessel when he saw the number of people trampling all over the crime scene at the construction site. The sight of a police officer half-halfheartedly trying to cordon off the area with yellow crime scene tape, drinking coffee and sharing a joke with some of the spectators was like a hand that pushed him precariously close to the edge of expressing his anger. Kowalski screamed at people and pushed them back so that they stood a fair distance away from the perimeter. He got the other officers, who had been standing around drinking coffee, to organize who was who and who had seen what. No one who was not directly connected with solving the crime in one way or another was allowed within spitting distance of the perimeter.

Malcolm did what he did best; he went straight up to the hole in the ground and dug around. His attention to detail was something that had earned him the respect of his LAPD colleagues and the FBI; it had helped him solve a number of difficult cases. He looked at the limestone soil beneath the cement foundation and noted what looked like sand mixed in with the soil. He knew this area was not sandy and the only way that sand could have been mixed in with the soil was if something that had been in contact with sand had been brought here. He used his biro to move a piece of loose cement slab then flipped it over – there was a pool of blood beneath it. He called Kowalski over. “I’m not sure if this is a primary or secondary ‘kill’ site, look at this.”

 “What am I looking at apart from the blood?”

 “Sand mixed in with the soil.”

 “Why would there be sand mixed in with the soil?”

 “Because, either this is not the primary ‘kill’ site or the person who was buried here came into contact with sand just before they were killed and buried here,” Malcolm said as he used a loose slab of cement to move the soil away. He studied the soil for a few moments, “The blood suggests they were killed here but the sand doesn’t fit.” 

 “I’ll get forensics in here and then get the diggers. Can you believe those guys in blue, drinking coffee, laughing and letting everyone walk all over the place?” 

 “Calm down. I thought you were going to hit one of them.”

 “I tell you, someone needs to hit those guys in blue. They probably know what’s going on here, they probably even got paid by the Mafia to look the other way and contaminate this crime scene.”  

 “You know that Kowalski and I know that, the trick is to bring the crooked cops down without them knowing we know, that way we get them and the people paying them with one hit.”

 “I hear you, partner.”

 “Burying a body in the foundation of a building, who does that apart from the Mafia? Talk about cliché,” Malcolm said as he moved another piece of slab out of the way.

 “What is that?” Kowalski asked, he moved towards something that suddenly appeared as Malcolm moved some soil out of the way. Both men recoiled as a female hand appeared; it took seconds for them to realize what they had discovered. They worked quickly, digging around the hand. Five minutes later three pairs of decomposed female hands, arms and legs were uncovered, attached to torsos which had almost melted away.       


When the girls were no longer useful because they had contracted sexual diseases or were too worn and haggard looking for the customers they were killed and their bodies dumped where no one was supposed to find them. Limestone was used to melt the bodies because it was cheaper than acid!

Malcolm and Kowalski were not supposed to find the girls that day. Some of their fellow police officers had been paid to make sure that no one found the bodies and the crime scene was contaminated, all they had to do was keep the good cops away and the foundation of the building which was due to be erected would do the rest! However, eight bodies were found that day, eight innocent ‘destroyed’ lives!

Interviews with ‘The Two Presidents’, Malcolm and Kowalski’, in my next blog.



Watch the ‘Blood Borne Connections’ video on YouTube, listen to Tatiana’s story.  

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