Sex Trafficking – Interview with Detectives Malcolm and Kowalski – aka The Two Presidents!

The following Newspaper Headlines taken from Chapter 25 of Blood Borne Connections

A Mass Grave in LA!

Girls Gruesome Slaughter!

Are there more innocent girls out there?

100s possibly 1000s more girls and boys out there being used as Prostitutes!

Americans must find the Innocent Children!


Today as promised I am with two of Americas’ finest, Detective John Malcolm and Detective Jefferson Kowalski of the LAPD. These two officers were the ones who discovered the mass grave the newspapers are writing about. They were the ones who uncovered the Gruesome Slaughter of young innocent girls who had been sex trafficked from Eastern Europe to Los Angeles! Before I start I would just like to say that these are two of the most striking looking men I have ever met. Tall, handsome and very down to earth.

Detectives you are both very welcomed, I know you’re both busy and you have only agreed to give me  a few minutes of your time so shall we start.

Malcolm: Sure

Kowalski: Fine with me

Interviewer: Did you both always know you were going to be police officers?

Malcolm: No, I studied law but decided after I passed the bar exams that I wanted to be cop.

Kowalski: Yes, I always wanted to be a cop.

Malcolm: No you didn’t, you tried out-

Kowalski: I told you that in confidence Johnson.

Malcolm: And, I told you to call me John and not Johnson.

Interviewer: Ummmm, gentlemen, are we good here?

Both: Were good (both smile)

Malcolm: This is a really hard topic for us and the banter thing we do is just to focus on the positive. We see dead people everyday in our line of work but seeing dead children is something that you never get used to. Then finding out that they were abused, rapped, drugged, beaten, shot and their bodies put in a hole which was going to be the foundation of a building is shocking.

Kowalski: I have two daughters, and seeing those girls like that made me sick. The hole they put them in had limestone in it which meant that by the time we found them some of their body parts had literally melted away! Those girls had parents, family, friends, they had people who cared about them. They were tricked into coming to America but ultimately they wanted to make a better life for themselves. America is the land of opportunities but right from the start those girls were not given any opportunities.

Interviewer: Ummmm, you have answered a number of the questions I had written down to ask you about how you felt. How many girls do you think are out there going through what those girls went through?

Malcolm: Thousands, tens of thousands!

Kowalski: I agree with my partner, I also think that hundreds upon hundreds of girls and boys have been murdered when they got too worn out, when they contracted a sexually transmitted disease. This is not just a thing that girls suffer this also happens to boys.

Interviewer: The million dollar question detectives – How do we stop it?

Malcolm: Sex trafficking is supplying a demand. Get rid of the demand by any means possible then you’ll stop the supply.

Kowalski: When I think of my daughters and the thought of anyone harming them, I’m inclined to say kill the bastards! Get every single one of those perverts, line them up and shoot them or castrate them!

Malcolm: Man I don’t think you can say that on the air

Kowalski: Why not, we all think it, why can’t we say it?

Malcolm: Because Jefferson, you don’t want to start a riot, we don’t want vigilantes taking the law into their own hands and killing or castrating the perverted, depraved bastards, we have to be seen as doing the right thing.

Interviewer: How do we stop it within the restraints of the law?

Malcolm: By prosecuting the perverts, by having tougher sentences in place and by confiscating any monies made from prostitution and using it to rehabilitate the victims.

Kowalski: By exposing those married men, those single men, those old men and those evil men who pay to have sex with children! And as Malcolm said by stopping the demand you eliminate the need for the supply!

Interviewer: Thank you detectives, thank you for your time and your honesty. Listeners the two Presidents have spoken!




Watch the ‘Blood Borne Connections’ video on YouTube, listen to Tatiana’s story.  

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