The ‘Talk To Someone’ Campaign

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Each year one million people die from suicide – A growing number of these people are Teenagers

At GLL Publishing we believe this has to stop.

The ‘Talk To Someone’ Campaign is geared towards encouraging people to get help by talking to someone.

There are so many organisations like NSPCC, ChildLine, Kidscape, Samaritans etc that help people.

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Don’t Suffer in silence – Talk To Someone!!!

Next month the GLL Publishing Blog will start a series of short stories based on the lives of ten teenagers who convened at a Central London hospital to take part in a suicide pact. The stories are taken from the book, ‘U Murder U (Suicide), which is a fictional novel published by GLL Publishing.

Gladys x

30th March 2015




Hope says ‘you can’
Hope says ‘you will’
Hope says ‘trust in God and never give in’

I Hope for a better day
I Hope for a better way
To live, to love, to grow and to win


Hope says ‘I can’
Hope says ‘I will’
So I’m going to trust in God and never give in

LX4 (Live Life x Love Life)


A lot of people live without Hope.

They think that life is just a daily event and each day they merely exist moving from one day to the next.

I believe each day is an opportunity to live life to the fullest. To dream big dreams and to grow in so many ways. 

Don’t let past hurts, or loneliness, or stress, or hate, or unforgiveness, or any other bad thing, rob you of your rights.

You deserve to live with Hope. 

Hope that things can and will get better and each day will be a blessing and bring joy.


Because, Hope says ‘you can’ and Hope says ‘you will’.

Keep Hope alive and Live Life x Love Life!


Hope not only gets you through today, Hope welcomes tomorrow!!!!


Gladys x

21st March 2015

Suicide Part 2

Sometimes I wonder why he didn’t Talk To Someone. They say it’s the people left behind who suffer when you go. They do you know, they really suffer when you go, they constantly ask themselves what they could have done to stop you, what they could have done to change your mind and help you see that everything looks different under different shades of light. A Proverb says – Weeping may endure for the night but Joy comes in the morning. You may think that you have no one to talk to, you are so wrong. Your mother or father, a relative or a friend will ask themselves a number of questions when you die, one of which will be, why didn’t you Talk To Someone?

Some faiths believe that when you kill yourself you go to hell, where you remain for eternity. I believe that there is nothing so bad that you cannot get help to deal with it. To get through the weeping you have to believe that there can be joy, take fifteen minutes and make a list of some of the good things in your life, the people who love you and who you will be leaving behind, heartbroken and shattered.

Recently, there seems to be one story or another in the newspapers about someone killing themselves every week. As a daughter, a mother, a sister, an aunt, a niece and a friend, if there is one thing I can say to make you change your mind about killing yourself it is this – Talk To Someone, don’t suffer alone – I say this in the voice of your mother, father, sister, brother and friend. You can get through whatever situation you’re in, talk through the pain, let that be your release – committing suicide is like saying to hell with the life you’ve been given because nothing will ever change but change happens when you do things differently. There are people who love you and they are the ones who will suffer when you kill yourself so don’t do it! Tomorrow is whatever you make it . . . you have the power of choice . . . choose life!

Anna Lee Lewis and Dr Peter Durojaiye Lewis founded Talk To Someone years ago to save lives so don’t suffer in silence – Talk To Someone!



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