Bullied and Ostracized – Jimmy Duncan’s Story taken from U Murder U (Suicide)

Why did ten young people wake up one morning and convene at a Central London Hospital to take part in a suicide pact? What possessed them to do this? What possessed them to drink a concoction of stolen hospital drugs mixed with chemicals, the mixture so strong that it dissolved their innards in minutes? They died in so much pain – their dead faces were literally gargoyle in agony as blood oozed out of their orifices. From back blurb of U Murder U (Suicide).

13 year old Jimmy Duncan was one of the young people at the hospital that morning – this is his story. 

It was a school day. Jimmy Duncan didn’t go to school today; instead he went to the local internet cafe and sat in front of a computer for hours. This was his safe place – here there was no bullying, no hateful words, no hitting and no laughing at him. Here he played games, listened to music and chatted with virtual friends online. He spent six hours in the internet cafe and during that time he ate ten packets of crisps, five chocolate bars, five packets of sweets (500g packs) and he drank a litre of cheap cola. At 3pm he left the cafe and walked home choosing not to take the bus and face public humiliation.

Jimmy closed the front door, he heard sounds coming from the front room; the TV was on. He walked into the front room and saw his mother asleep on the settee. A half full one litre bottle of cider was next to an empty cider bottle under the settee – they had not been there this morning. He retrieved both bottles and crushed the smouldering cigarette that dangled precariously from an empty beer can which served as a makeshift ashtray. He carried the bottles to the kitchen, threw the empty bottle into the bin and put the half full bottle on the counter next to the fridge. There were no pots and pans on the stove and no dinner ready for him. There never was any dinner when he came home so he usually ate out. He heard his mother cough and went back into the living room. She had turned over and now had her back to the TV. She snored softly and he knew she was drunk, he had seen her like this so many times when she was sad and depressed. He saw something white on the floor, ‘it must have fallen from under her when she turned’ he thought to himself, it looked like a letter. He rushed forward to retrieve it, hoping that it was the letter his mum said would come from Social Services offering him help with his weight. He picked it up, unfolded it, saw it was a letter and quickly read it.


Children’s Services Social Services Department   



27th May

Our Ref: 2X7770 112Y


 Dear Miss Duncan,

 Ref: Assistance Request for Jimmy Duncan

 We have reviewed your request and have decided that there is nothing that we can do for your son Jimmy at this point. We advise that you contact your GP again and find out if there is any medication that can be provided to help Jimmy with his issues. We understand that Jimmy is currently on anti-depressants but feel that this is not something we are qualified to deal with and strongly advise you contact your GP. Regarding the government assistance you mentioned in your letter, I feel that this finance should be used for children who are salvageable and as such feel your son does not qualify.


Yours Sincerely


Mr N. Bolton

Manager Children’s Services


It was a school day. Jimmy Duncan didn’t go to school today; instead he went to the local internet cafe and sat in front of a computer for several hours. He went into a new chat room, one he had heard of but never been on before. He answered some questions then clicked on a symbol – Ω.

It was a school day. Jimmy Duncan didn’t go to school today; instead he went to Liverpool Lime Street train station and took a train to London. He had a photocopy of the Children’s Services letter in his pocket.  The letter the police would use to identify his lifeless body.


Author: The statistics are impossible to hide from: each year approximately one million people die from suicide. It is my hope that U Murder U (Suicide) while a fictional thriller, will affect real change and prevent this from continuing to happen.

GLL Publishing the publisher of U Murder U (Suicide) has started a campaign called the Talk To Someone (TTS) Campaign which it hopes will get people talking about issues and not suffer in silence. There are so many charities and medical facilities geared towards helping people see that life is worth living and tomorrow can be better than today!






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