Singing Sensation Terry J. King had a million reasons to live – So why did he kill himself?

Singing Sensation Terry J. King had millions in the bank, millions of fans and a million reasons to live but he chose to die! 


Terry J. King, TJK as he was known to his fans, was exhausted. He had just returned from a tour which had seen his band performing in sell-out venues all over North and South America. His group K-A-Y 3 consisted of Melvin Andrews and Simon Young – three eighteen year old boys who had been friends since they were at primary school together in South London.

K-A-Y 3 was the brainchild of Terry’s mum, Maya, who had seen the potential of the boys years ago when they had come together to do a five minute musical slot for a school play – they had performed during the interlude of Romeo and Juliet the musical. Maya King, once a singer herself who had shot to fame with her breakthrough hip hop song, ‘Girls Are Doing It Too’ years ago, saw something in her son’s group that reminded her of herself. As a Black woman trying to make it in a predominately White, male industry it had been hard for her but she didn’t give up, she kept plugging her stuff and one thing led to another which saw her opening for A- list performers. Her career had been short lived but whilst it lived it had exposed her to first class air travel, stays at prestigious hotels and the consumption of food and wine that she could barely pronounce. After her career had died she knew one thing – having had those things and losing them – she wanted them back.

Now that her son’s group was a sensation, as the group’s manager, she had the things back; she was the sole manager of the group and everything had to be approved by her or it didn’t happen. The group was now worth several millions and she was constantly looking for ways of increasing that amount. It had been her idea for the group to do a documentary-movie about how the boys had come together and how their manager (she) saw in them what no one else did and how blah blah blah happened – she didn’t care what was said as long as money was made and she looked good in the movie – the contract signed stated that she was to play herself in the movie and be paid very handsomely for doing so. It had been at the premier of the movie in Leicester Square that Terry had met Sunflower Mackay, a striking model and actress. Maya saw the ‘potential of the package’ that was her son and Sunflower and she did everything she could to throw them together.


From being a superstar one minute, Terry’s world is turned upside down the next by two events.


The first: A fan kisses Terry one night at a club which leads to his public break-up with Sunflower Mackay leaving Terry fearful that Sunflower will reveal his secret to the world.


The second: Terry’s best friend Damien Grey plied with alcohol bought by a reporter and £500, tells the reporter that Terry is off women and will not be dating anymore. His words are taken out of context and the next day the reporter’s story ‘Terry J. King is Gay’ goes viral.


Things snowballed and the more Terry denied the story the more the reporters wrote that he was in denial. They called him ‘Bi-Curious’ and ‘Bi-Sexual’ or outright Gay.


Terry J King was one of the ten young people who went to the hospital that morning to take part in the suicide pact. He had millions in the bank, millions of fans and a million reasons to live but he chose to die.

Taken from U Murder U (Suicide)

Read the full story –




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