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I am currently in America and yesterday I watched a TV programme about sex trafficking titled ‘Children For Sale’, presented by Jada Pinkett Smith. It was such an eye-opening programme that brought to light the evils of sex trafficking. The programme also showed how people were helping the victims of sex trafficking to get their lives back together.

My 3rd novel ‘Blood Borne Connections‘ is a fictional story about sex trafficking. The kindle version of this book is published by GLL Publishing and part of the profits from the sale of the kindle copies of this book will be given to the Dream Center in California to help support them with the amazing job they do in their work with victims of sex trafficking.

GLL Publishing is also looking to work with other similar charities as we believe that every life is important and no one should be sex trafficked. People who have been sex trafficked should not be made to feel that they are inferior to anyone. They must not be rejected by society but helped to get their lives back on track and see that they are beautiful and have a future.

Blood Borne Connections - book cover

For the next six months profits from the sale of the kindle copies of Blood Borne Connections will be donated to the Dream Center in California and two other charities that help victims of sex trafficking.

Here’s what I would like you (the reader) to do, send me the names of two charities that you think we can support. They need to be charities that take care of sex trafficked victims and helps them to get their lives together. GLL Publishing (the publishers of the kindle version of Blood Borne Connections) will select the two charities with the most requests and give them a portion of the profits from the sales of the kindle version of Blood Borne Connections. Help us to help others.

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