About Gladys Lawson

Gladys picture 3Gladys Lawson currently lives in London and works as a microbiologist in pathology

management and also volunteers as an inspirational mentor. She says, “I was greatly inspired by

the need to tell a story where despite the evil displayed, good wins, good survives and good reaches

out and makes a difference. The relationship between my different characters was something that I really enjoyed writing about.” She is currently working on her next book.




This is what Glady’s had to say about her volunteer work.
“I like being an Inspiring the Future volunteer because I believe that it is one way that we as adults can make a difference to children. Not every child has encouraging parents or teachers and if I can go into a school and encourage a child to fulfil their potential and hopefully impart some of my knowledge to a child then I think I have made a difference. My mother always told me to work hard, believe and never give up – I tell my children the same thing today. I truly believe that if a child can perceive that they have a good future and believe that all things are possible if they work hard then they will one day achieve their full potential.

I talk to children about working in Microbiology management and writing books because that Is what I do, there are so many adults out there in various professions who I think should volunteer and make a difference – the children are our future and who knows, you may go into a school and impart your knowledge to a child and not only change their life – you might actually save their life.”


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