He Abused His Wife and Slept with Underage Girls – Blood Borne Connections – A Novel

He farted.

All the pungent gases that had accumulated deep within his bowels were released in one loud bellow. He waited for a brief moment and then did what he loved to do: he inhaled the aroma. He savoured the carbonated garlic and refried beans and let his senses wander merrily among the toxic levels of hydrogen sulphide. Even though he knew she hated him farting in bed, he didn’t care. It made him feel exhilarated and alive; like a ‘man’s’ man. He rubbed his large, blotchy red belly then patted it in appreciation for a job well done. He smiled to himself at the thought of her lying next to him and covering her nose or, better still, holding her breath until the rich aroma dissipated. ‘This is indeed a man’s world’, he thought to himself as he held back the laughter that bubbled deep within him. He waited for her complaints and moaning but none came. She didn’t even move. All the years he had treated her mean to keep her keen had paid off with interest. She was now like a little mouse—so anxious for a morsel of cheese that she would do anything. He slept around just like his daddy had done and came home reeking of the evidence and she had given in and stopped fighting and complaining. He took her money and spent it on whatever and whomever he chose and she kept quiet. He had trained her well. He sighed contently. Today she was going to get a loan for him in her name because his credit was bad. He told her that he needed the loan to start a business with a friend in San Diego but in actual fact he was planning to take nineteen year old Tatiana, a girl he had just met, to Disneyland in Anaheim. She had not long arrived from Czechoslovakia and had not yet been to Disneyland. She had said on the night he had met her at the ‘Singles’ bar he often visited that ever since she was little she had dreamed of going to Disneyland and seeing the real Mickey Mouse. So far nothing had happened between them but he figured that if he obliged her and fulfilled her dream, she would have to do anything for him. (He didn’t care that Tatiana was only fifteen…)


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Sex Trafficking and a Disaffected Society

I’m Human Just Like You, So Please Help Me!  

Yesterday there was an article in the newspaper on sex trafficking, it talked about how common this was nowadays and how disaffected people in society seem to be about sex trafficking and the people who are trafficked. People read about the girls and after the initial ‘oh how sad’, they continue with their lives thankful that this has nothing to do with them and cannot infect their clean environment.

Are people really disaffected? Do people really not care?

Could it be that people relate to what they know and not a lot of people know someone directly involved in this disgusting act.

The reason I wrote about sex trafficking in my third book ‘Blood Borne Connections’ was because I wanted people to be able to relate to the innocent girls taken out of their safe environments and subjected to rape, abuse and depravity by men old enough to be their grandfathers. I wanted people to see that these girls are human – they have feelings, they once had dreams and hopes about their futures – they have names.

Fifteen year old Tatiana wanted to be a teacher. Her parents were teachers in Czechoslovakia and from a young age she learned about the history of her country from her father who taught History and she learned how to speak English from her mother who taught English. Her parents were loving, kind and honest and they taught her to be the same. When Tatiana’s sister was born she fell in love with her and would sit and watch her for hours hoping that she would hurry up and grow up so that they could play together.

Here are some words from Tatiana:

There is a memory that I used to cling to but sadly it is beginning to fade – I am running in a field next to my house in Czechoslovakia as fast as my little legs can carry me. I am three or maybe four years old and to me the field seems to go on forever and ever. It is as though I am running to the end of the world. I am happy! I am free! I am free! I am not in this vile place where married men with wedding bands on, single men, old men and young men used my body every day. Seven days a week the door would open and a man would walk in at any time of the day and have sex with me. At first I refused, I tried to reason with them, I told them I was only fifteen. I tried to fight them . . . 

Society needs to see Tatiana and the thousands upon thousands of other girls like her who have been used as sex slaves, as real, as children who deserve to live, who deserve better! If they could each say something to you it would be this, ‘I’m Human Just Like You, So Please Help Me!’  

Sex trafficking will only stop when people stop it, when people see that the people who are trafficked are human, have names and deserve better – Society cannot afford to be disaffected because sex trafficking affects everyone in one way or another.

Watch the ‘Blood Borne Connections’ video on YouTube, listen to Tatiana’s story.  

Let me know what you think



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RISE (Rape Incest & Suicide Education)

My name is Kylie, and among many other things, I am a survivor of rape. You can read my story at this link:
http://avoiceforheather.tripod.com/id25.html  I have come a long way since then, and where I once saw a wounded victim, I now see an empowered survivor. My hope is that all victims get to experience the joy and strength of the healing process, and become survivors. Sadly, too many victims of rape and incest end up committing or attempting suicide. That’s not cool. So I decided to try and do something about it.

In 2008, I founded a support group called RISE (Rape Incest & Suicide Education) in order to spread awareness about these epidemics, and to help those who have gone through them RISE above them and heal. Since then, many beautiful souls have joined the cause, including my husband who has played a huge part in my healing process, and together we try to spread healing and joy to anyone in pain, including survivors of rape, incest, and suicide.
One huge question this has raised (a question we’ve all asked at one point or another) is “Why do bad things happen to good people?” I think that through my work with RISE, I may have found the answer. I have come to realize that if bad things never happened to good people, those good people wouldn’t be as equipped to RISE up and help others through the same things. Everything happens for a reason, and YOU are my reason. You are the reason I get out of bed every day with a drive to make a difference. You are the reason I cry, and the reason I smile. You are the reason I am crying and smiling as I write this. I know how you feel, because I’ve been there. And I want to help you heal so badly it actually hurts!
RISE is made up of volunteers, and none of us make any money whatsoever through it. And we hope to keep it that way. Sure, it would be nice to have the money to hold a festival every year with healing music and conferences, and it would be awesome to travel around to schools and speak, but we don’t want to become one of those organizations that is all about money. We have seen it happen and it is not a good feeling when you see an organization that is supposed to be there for people become more about money than helping. So it’s not for fame or money that we do any of this, but love, healing, and most of all HOPE. Hope that through RISE we can impact someone’s life in a small yet positive way.

Emily Dickinson said, “If I can stop one heart from breaking, I shall not live in vain.” That describes perfectly the way I feel about RISE.
Even if we never grow past the point we are now, even if we never get to the point where we can hold festivals, even if no one tells us
personally that we’ve helped them, if ONE person who is inches from suicide sees one of our posts and changes their mind, RISE has done
its job, and I am satisfied. I know this has already happened, not because someone has told me, but because I feel it. I feel it every
time I post on RISE. I feel the power in what I am doing and saying. It’s not my own power that I feel, but the power of a community. The
unity that comes from survivors all around the world banding together through one idea, one promise, one hope – that healing IS possible. I
believe that it is. And YOU are my reason to believe. Keep Rising, Butterfly. We are here for you.

-Kylie (RISE Founder)

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