A Good Woman is like a Rough Diamond – Extremely Valuable!

A Good Woman is like a Rough Diamond – Extremely Valuable!

Dorothy McKenna stood next to her matrimonial bed with a knife in her hand moments away from killing her husband Nigel. She was having a nervous breakdown and in the middle of what her lawyers would later describe as a ‘moment of madness’ and use in her defence. Nigel abused Dorothy mentally, emotionally and physically on a regular basis. He made her work two jobs while he only worked part-time and he took her money and spent it on other women and young girls like Tatiana (a 15 year old girl from Czechoslovakia trafficked to America and forced into prostitution).

Many women today are being abused by husbands who took vows to love and cherish them. You will have to read Dorothy’s story in ‘Blood Borne Connections’ to see what happened to her and Nigel.


Why do we live in a world where men abuse women?

Why do men think that it is okay to abuse women?

I find it sad when a man grew up with a father who cheated on his mother, abused his mother and saw all the pain and heartache his mother went through only to cheat on his wife and make his children grow up in the same situation. It is wrong and a cycle that needs to stop if we want to produce children with good values.

Secret 1: A good woman is like a rough diamond and all a man has to do is polish her with love and she will shine and captivate him forever.

Here’s how to polish her:

Tell her you love her.

Show her you care.

Don’t cheat on her or prefer others to her because this only makes her angry and unresponsive to you. The more you show her kindness the more she will respond with love to you and the more your relationship will flourish.

Women are simple creatures; they want affection, kindness and love.

A rough diamond when polished becomes a thing of beauty. Polish your woman with love and see her shine and your home become castle and you a king in love with her, your queen. Your relationship will be a thing of beauty and value because good begets good!

Secret 2: The cost of the rough diamond determines the price of the polished diamond!

Times are changing, so do something different and don’t be like Nigel in ‘Blood Borne Connections’ polish your woman with love and make her shine.

Check out ‘Blood Borne Connections’ to see what not to do!

Blood Borne Connections - book coverBlood Borne Connections - book cover



Click on link to read chapter 1 –  http://www.bookdaily.com/book/5322500/blood-borne-connections

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