8 year old Shane’s story – Taken from novel ‘U Murder U (Suicide)’

The Tenth Person

Shane Nelson read once that thousands of children under the age of 10 were depressed. He asked his mother why this was and she said it was because they didn’t think of anyone else but themselves. That these children were being raised not to care about anyone but just what they could get from everyone and when they couldn’t get something they became depressed. She said in her day she had one doll and a few colouring books when she was his age and she was happy with her lot. Shane wasn’t sure if he was depressed, he knew he got things his brothers and sisters didn’t get but he was unhappy. His father gave him everything and the rest of the family nothing. He knew his brothers and sisters hated him and his mother was always scared. He was torn, he loved his mother but he also loved his father. He had tried to hate his father for his siblings’ sake but found he couldn’t. His home was a time-bomb and he hated living there. The only thing that made him happy now was talking to Jessy James 6 online.

On The Day Of The Suicide Pact

Shane had tried to get away from his brothers and sisters earlier but for some reason they kept watching him. They made him go on the roof with them and they shared their chicken and chips with him – something they had never done in the past. In the past they usually relegated him to wherever they were not, it didn’t really matter where; he was ‘Daddy’s favourite’ and a snitch, as such he was the enemy.
Robbie, Shane’s eldest brother, gave him some money and asked him to get two bottles of cola from the local shop as there was a ‘buy one get one free’ offer there. Robbie wanted to smoke and didn’t want Shane to see him and take that information back to his father. Eager to leave, Shane took the money and left his siblings on the roof.

Shane Nelson ran as fast as he could with Robbie’s money in his hand. Jessy James 6 had given him specific directions to where she was in the hospital and he was determined to get there on time. He had never ventured further than his school, which was less than a ten minute slow walk from his home, by himself before but today he was going to get to the hospital using the map on his phone for directions.

Shane walked through the hospital reception without being stopped by anyone. Jessy James 6 had said that security wasn’t that tight. He walked right to the back of the ground floor and took the lift to the third floor following the instructions she had sent him. He saw an Indian girl looking at a notice board for directions then he saw her walk with confidence towards the direction of Livingston Ward. Shane waited a few moments then followed her. As soon as he walked into the room on Livingston Ward he noticed that there were more people that he thought there would be. Suddenly he felt scared and wanted to leave. He felt something in his hand and looked down, it was Robbie’s money. He looked around gingerly; the Indian girl he had seen earlier was writhing and withering on the ground, an empty cup next to her.

Jessy James 6 handed him a cup. He looked at her cold eyes and thought that she looked different from how he had imagined her. He took the cup of poison from her . . . . . .

U Murder U (Suicide)






I Survived Suicide – Taken from the fiction novel ‘U Murder U (Suicide)’

When I was faced with death I didn’t really want to die! 

“I used to cut my arms with a dirty razor blade because I hoped that I would get an infection and die. One day I ended up in hospital with septicaemia and nearly died. The funny thing was when I was faced with the possibility of death, I didn’t want to die. My parents contacted TTS and a counsellor came to see me in the hospital. It was weird; it was a bit like in the Matrix movie where Neo was told to choose a pill. I was told to choose life over death and that in order for me to get over my own problems I should try and help other people.

My counsellor took me to the children’s cancer unit in the hospital and showed me some children who had various stages of cancer. Suddenly, my trying to kill myself because my boyfriend had dumped me seemed so pathetic and incomprehensible. My TTS counsellor kept in touch with me for weeks, she checked that I was going to school and spoke to my parents about any concerns for me they might have. She still calls me and still makes sure that I focus on my dreams and work towards them. I want to become a scientist and help people with cancer get better. I go to the cancer ward every week and I love talking to the children there and taking them on trips with the hospital staff. I love that they are fighters and want to live and I thank God every day for the man who talked to my mom at work two days before I tried to kill myself and gave her and her work colleagues the TTS card with their emergency number on it. You know what’s strange, my mom said he was a Black man but one of her work colleagues insists he was an Oriental man while another said he was a White man. My mom says that she had never seen him before and she has not seen him since, she thinks his name was P. Holister but she isn’t sure. I know he was a God-send and I now see that life is precious and when I was faced with death I didn’t really want to die.”

Taken from U Murder U (Suicide)

From Author:

Some people don’t believe that their life is precious, they base their life on what they feel and what they don’t feel 

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There is no return from suicide. Sadly some teenagers think that they’ll commit suicide to punish someone or make someone sorry then they’ll come back to life. It doesn’t work like that.

GLL Publishing is promoting the Talk To Someone (TTS) Campaign because we believe that like in the case of the young girl in the story above, if we can get a person talking to someone in one of the many charities like CALM, Samaritans, NSPCC, PAPYRUS etc in order for them to get help then we can potentially help save a life.

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